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Software Development

Software and mobile app development is our specialty. It's one of the ways we transform ideas into affordable and scalable business solutions.


Need custom-build software for your team? Spectrum can create a digital solution that exponentially increases your team's efficiency and capabilities.

Mobile Devices

Mobile-friendly apps are no longer the future of business - they're the new standard. Get your business up to speed with your own internal or customer facing app.

Enterprise Integration

Leveraging your data across your business platforms is essential to your long-term success. Talk to us about enterprise integration for your company.


Enterprise data is invaluable - Work smarter, faster and make more informed decisions through integration with your workforce & CRM applications.

Microsoft Office/Azure

Minimize training and implementation by integrating Azure and Office365 systems with Single Sign On to your various business and vendor platforms.

Business Intelligence

Work smarter, not harder. Our compelling analytics dashboards and reporting platforms will help you do just that.


Digital dashboards will elevate your performance and your decision-making by delivering emerging trends and actionable data in real-time.

Data Segmentation

Leveraging data across your business platforms is essential to your long-term success. We specialize in consolidation and centralizing of data from various partners and systems.

Data Governance

Our data governance automation will standardize data formatting and identify potential data issues for correction - allowing 'cleansed' data populating into your business analytics and reports.

Application Hosting & Management

We build, deploy, host and manage e-Commerce and workforce applications.

We offer cloud-based hosting and management services that enable the virtualization of B2B and B2C applications.

E-Commerce Applications

E-Stores, inventory management systems and 3rd party supply chain integration.

Workforce Applications

Loyalty, claims and learning management portals

Database Applications

Business intelligence solutions, data harvesting and digital dashboards

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